OPULENT SHINE Creamy Lipstick


Opulent Shine is a lipstick with an intense and luminous long-lasting colour. The creamy texture, moisturize the lips, guaranteing a smooth and defined application. Medium-opaque colour depending on your desire. Available also in 2 shades.

Tip: Apply on the upper lip, starting from the center towards the external corners. Then apply on the lower lip, starting from the corners towards the center of the mouth. For a high-definition result, outline the lips with a pencil of corresponding colour before applying the lipstick

– Long-lasting deep hydration
– Brilliant finish
– Blendable intensity, depending on the desired effect.

Cruelty-free & Vegan. Formula free of parabens.
Dermatologically tested.
Content: 3,5 g – Net Wt. 0,12 oz.

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