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Compact Bronzer • Mesauda Milano


Sunrize is a compact bronzer with a silky touch, enriched with the emollient and nourishing properties of Argan oil. The texture is subtle, creamy and easy to blend, thanks to the presence of spherical powders and corn starch. Available in 6 matte shades.

– Micronized pigments for a homogeneous colour;
– Contains Jojoba oil with an emollient and moisturizing action;
– “Naturally tanned” effect;
– Emollient and nourishing properties.

Cruelty-free & Vegan. Formula free of parabens.
Content: 9 g – Net Wt. 0,10 oz.


Apply all over the face with a large powder brush to create a natural tan effect. To emphasize and warm the complexion, apply under the cheekbones using an precision brush. Do not choose a shade that is too dark compared to your complexion and do not forget to spread it on the neck and, if uncovered, on the décolleté.

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